The ten worst curses on humanity (in order where #[not a so called hash-tag, it means number]1 is the most horrific and #10 is less horrifying.

  1. Justin Beiber
  2. terrorists
  3. rap music
  4. horse-flies
  5. Rebecca Black
  6. Obamacare
  7. bullies
  8. American tourists
  9. taxes
  10. gas prices
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This morning my dogs were so annoying!  Barking and attacking the windows because of a ROCK!!!  I’m used to my youngest dog, Baley, being brainless, but not my other two, which made me ask myself: “what if we could understand what dogs were saying when they bark, because then we could understand why they bark at random things like a ROCK?”  

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Tog Gear V-8 blender

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… I just couldn’t stop laughing when I saw this video on Top Gear (the BBC one, not the American crap) in 2009, and guess what this is the only blender more powerful than the Blendtec Total Blender and still holds the world record for FOUR YEARS STRAIGHT!

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While you see someone with Cerebral Palsy, you might see a waste of human life, someone who is suffering, or you just have no comment, while I envision a human spirit waiting to leap out and soar through the air majestically, like an eagle piloting a blimp.ImageImage

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So anyway today I was playing Batman: Arkham City today, and it broke my heart to see the tragic concept art of the Joker’s death and of Batman carrying Joker’s corpse out of the prison gate, the most classic and iconic antagonist in Batman DIE! Really the world of Batman will never be the same, the villain of Batman #1 is dead! Rest in peace Joker, rest in peace.Image

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About the Author

Name: Jay-Daniel Stewart
Grade as of post-date: 8
Age: 14
Favorite subject in school: Science
Favorite Super hero: Batman
Favorite video game series: Half-Life
Favorite OS (Operating System): Mac OS X, Snow leopard
Favorite video game of all time: Portal
Favorite video game object: The Weighted Companion Cube
Favorite Video game company: VALVe
Best FPS (first person shooter): HALF-LIFE 2 [in 2010 it won the VGA (video game award) for GAME OF THE DECADE!Image

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